My Tips Ledger

So much of financial freedom comes from people having the ability to properly plan a budget. Get financially ahead and allow My Tips Ledger to help you navigate your wealth and savings. My Tips Ledger allows you to easily manage your tips & hourly wages in an all-encompassing app. Delete your old and outdated spreadsheet or keeping paper slips, never knowing how much your paycheck will be. My Tips Ledger records hourly wages, tips, dates, times, vacation pay, and Tip-out % paid out (if applicable) from the palm of your hand!

Also, My Tips Ledger has exclusive features and capabilities for casino employees. Dealers can calculate tournament downs, multiple profiles for Dual-Rate employees with different pay grades, and much more.

Hospitality Industry Jobs
* Poker/Blackjack/Table Game Dealers, Cashiers, Brushes
* Cocktail Servers, Bartenders, Busser/Bar Backs
* Taxi, Limo, Uber & Lyft Drivers
* Barbers, Beauticians, Hair Stylist
* Personal Trainers, Fitness & Yoga Instructors
* Self Employed business
* Concierge, Bellhop, Clerk, Valet
* Wedding, Event Planners
* Maid Cleaning Service, Gardeners
* Cruise Employees
* Waitress, Waiters, Host
* Pizza/Food Delivery, Uber Eats
* and much much more…


  • Created Multiple Profiles with different wages
  • Track of Poker Dealer’s Tournament Downs
  • Tips & Wages Tracking
  • Track all your Tipees tip-out Percentages
  • Track multiple jobs with different wages
  • View Summary Detail Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Tips
  • Email detail Reports in PDF formats for record keeping
  • Secure your data by auto-backing to your Cloud
  • Holiday Pay with Time and Half, Double & Triple Pay
  • Filter Reports



Edwin De Jesus

Finally an App that has more features. Nice Design! Highly recommend if you work for Tips and in the Casino Business

Amar Deep

Nice app to keep track my income from various sources. This help you navigate your wealth and saving.

A Google user

Nice app with all the useful features. 😍😍😍

pratibha dushanj

Simple and easy to use app. And best one save all data in drive. Useful

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E-Z Fix

Do it yourself, also known as DIY, is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the direct aid of experts or professionals.
There are many many ways to find DIY Manuals/Procedures all over including local book stores, on the Internet and even YouTube Videos. These DIY information is out there to provide you the information required to fix just about anything. The big problem is trying to find a good Repair or DIY Manual. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

That is where E-Z Fix comes in. E-Z Fix will provide you with all the DIY manuals in one organized location. This App has a User Friendly GUI categorizing all of the DIY manuals making your life simpler and ready to start your work.
E-Z Fix helps you fix a minor software glitch causing your computer to run slow to removing the most stubborn viruses, Fix a cracked screens on Laptops, Ipad, Android tablets, Cell phones and even your LCD Monitor, Upgrade the hard drive in your laptop to SSD
Change a flat tire on your car, replace a bad starter, repair a broken Radiator, diagnose why your car is running hot.
Remove Wine, blood or grass stains from your rug, replace or repair a leaking faucet, install an electrical outlet
Repair your broken screen from your screen porch or pool enclosure, installing a new fence post, simple to major pool repairs
How to properly trim your pets nails, bath them and even to prevent them from catching fleas.
Thousands and thousands of DIY Manuals that will make your life simpler

As much as we would like to take credit for all this wonderful information that is provided to us on the Internet, unfortunately we cannot. E-Z Fix just helps you find all of this information in one location making your life easier. Just download and install our app and we will do the leg work for you…


  • How-To Repair Manuals
  • Automotive Repair Manuals & Videos
  • Home Improvement
  • Computer Repair
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pet Care
  • Pest Control
  • Daily Hacks
  • Manuals & Videos Added Daily




Learned how to fix my kitchen sink drain without having to call a plumber or having to use google!


This app is amazing!!! It is so convenient and easy to use. I love the way everything is organized and categorized for easy comprehension. This app can be useful in a variety of situations. I recommend it to everyone.

Joshua Land

One stop!z App No more endless hours of searching for life improvements and hacks! The most have app to use

Anastasiia Boychenyuk

Great app! Very helpful, love cleaning section. It is a simple tool I can use. it provides tips on how to do things in and out of the house. Easy solutions to tedious tasks at home. Definitely recommend to download this app

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